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August 31, 2021

20 Years: Reflections and Healing

I was going to open this post with a statistic about how many attacks have occurred on American soil. But I realized the term “attacks” can […]
July 27, 2021

A Future Therapist’s Perspective

One of my greatest joys is when a young professional reaches out to let me know they have decided to study what is called psycho-oncology—an interdisciplinary […]
June 30, 2021

Did That Really Happen?
Mid-life Interpretations
& Confessions

My favorite part of summer is early morning. From 5 to 6:30 a.m., before that fireball in the sky begins its daily scorching as it clears […]
June 7, 2021
Cards During Cancer

Second Chances and
Reflections on Life in Lockdown

“Always and All-ways, I SO enjoy coming into and sharing Diane’s words and her worlds, but she and I know (and have known) that for many […]
May 3, 2021
No so Ordinary Life

An Average Day in a
Not-So-Ordinary Life

Wasteful humans that we are, Rene and I still receive the print edition of the Wall Street Journal Monday through Saturday. I refuse to let go […]
March 31, 2021
Dust Bowl

What’s the Deal
with April 14?

This wandering soul, whose roots are deeply fortified in traditional journalism, rarely reads non-fiction. There are too many epic historical events that I find to be […]
March 3, 2021
Limo Ride

Our Unconventionally
Perfect Wedding Day

True love. A remarkable concept I assumed was a fantasy I would never experience. Until Rene Joseph Simard. Sound familiar? Are you thinking, “I’ve read that […]
February 1, 2021
Mrs. Fernley

Mrs. Fernley and the
“Cranberries” Incident

Fifty (cough-cough) years ago, I began walking two blocks every morning to kindergarten at Cotesfield, Nebraska’s School Dist. 14. When I started my educational career in […]
December 30, 2020
Diane Celebrating

There’s Always Next Year

Well, we did it. We made it to the end of the year that made no sense. Are you giddy? Gloomy? Melancholy? Grateful? Frustrated? Outraged? Me, […]