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What a confusing, frustrating, challenging crossroads we find ourselves at this summer.

I am exhausted and short-fused, yet I remain optimistic. I believe we are once again at the precipice of an opportunity to address some of our country’s deepest, darkest wounds. Are we going to make meaningful progress this time?

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to witness reconciliation and the rebirth of a nation that finally decides to collaborate on solutions instead of dictating them, charting a new course for a more-unified, open-minded, compassionate union? A nation willing to listen and understand ideas, then gather the facts before jumping to conclusions? A nation that embraces the concept of differing viewpoints and agrees to disagree as mature, respectful adults, not like politicians who continue to behave like third graders feuding on the playground?

I am so ready for our society’s centuries-old physical and psychological gashes to heal.  

The late Dr. Maya Angelou continues to influence and help me process my thoughts. Fortunately, one of the leadership organizations I follow on LinkedIn posts one of Dr. Angelou’s quotes in my news feed every week. Her timeless grace, wisdom, and optimism help me maintain perspective and provide the guidance I need to keep moving forward.

My career calling has been to determine the most accurate and expressive words to leave memorable impressions and generate clear understanding for the receivers. Words are the instruments I use to explain and vent and dream and plan and learn and heal. I have been particularly busy with words so far this year! My attention span seems to have shrunk since mid-March, and I am communicating in smaller soundbites. 

Here are a few one-liners that came to me during some of my most challenging moments:

Never finished. Never enough.

Life never stops. Stay alert and diligently learn from every experience.

Learn to love taking care of yourself.

Boldly live you.

Emulate but differentiate.

Never stop seeking the good.

Make every day better.

Resilience must be learned before happiness is earned.

Seek truth.

Embrace—don’t dread—change.

Don’t just show up. Be present.

What now?

Happiness or misery. Choose wisely.

Happy birthday, America! May you live and thrive in peace.

Diane Simard
June 29, 2020
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