“As I read Heal Forward, I felt empowerment and overwhelming optimism - akin to a Rocky Balboa theme song steadily blaring in a training montage.”

“I highly recommend you read this book and watch your life grow instead of stagnate.”

“Get a copy of this book to begin your healing and live a life with purpose.”

“Diane’s stories are relatable and flavored with humor and heart.”

Are you haunted by emotional trauma? Diane M. Simard—an award-winning author, business strategy advisor, and champion for mental health awareness—reveals how she persevered through the psychological struggles of a lifetime of adversities by healing forward to create impactful change.

Diane’s approach to Heal Forward: Transform Emotional Scars into Impact is based on the ten life principles that transformed her attitude and outlook about middle age, toxic corporate culture, weight loss, self-absorbed bosses, and failure. A fellow breast cancer survivor shared this: “In her second installment of boldly discovering her truth, Diane takes us along as she unpacks the resilience within and shows us what the human spirit can accomplish when we allow our true selves to rise up from the ashes of trauma and grief.”

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